Let the Wadd app work for you…

  • Manage your account features like pictures, comments, codes, and payments all in the app.
  • Create deals with Wadd Points and let your customers save them to use anywhere at any time.
  • Let your customers buy and redeem your gift cards in the app and they can receive Wadd Points as a bonus.
  • Have a special promo or event page ready in minutes so your customers or fans can shout the news to everyone they know.
  • Receive up-to-date notifications, newsletters, and support from our Wadd team.
  • Create your own unique deals in minutes with pictures, business information, and much more.
  • Make your very own gift cards with a personalized background and color scheme for your customers to purchase or give as a gift.
  • You can easily create a unique page and let everyone know whether you have a special event, promotion, or a grand opening.

and much, much more.

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